Date: 6/6/20 9:56 am
From: Antonya Pickard <eco.outdoordiva...>
Subject: [obol] DICKCISSEL at Bayocean Spit
Yesterday, zipped out to the Coast for a much-needed get-away for the day!
Hiking with two exuberant dogs always makes birding a challenge, so I
didn't take my bins (always wish I had, when I didn't). Saw a bird that I
wasn't sure about at the time, but now pretty sure it was DICKCISSEL. Saw
rufous and high contrast streaking on the back body when it flew, but
perched could only see front of the bird. It was sparrow sized (had flushed
with a White-crowned sparrow), but had bright yellow on the breast with
black v collar that was more indistinct than in Sibleys (reminded me of
Meadowlark). Bright yellow breast faded to light grey and white undertail
coverts. Face was streaky with a supercillium stripe, but I coludn't see
clearly enough to say more. about head markings. It also perched very erect
and forehead looked steeply angled as if it were raising its crown
Location was on Bay side of the spit about half way to the Jetty from the
parking lot, maybe a bit more -along where there are sandy beaches and a
few scrubby trees along the Bay-side of the road. This was mid afternoon
yesterday (FRIDAY), tide was pretty high, but going out.

Antonya Pickard
NE Portland
503-739-5460 mobile

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