Date: 6/5/20 5:43 am
From: Ted Levin <tedlevin1966...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] June 5, 2020: Coyote Hollow, Thetford Center
5:13 a.m. 60 degrees, wind breathless, again, out of the N 0 mph. Sky:
subtly overcast, blue-gray to white, some clouds edged in pale rose; some
ruffled, others skin-tight; a portal into the ionosphere, an excellent
glimpse of infinity. A sky made for the Hudson River School. Intermittent
streams: disappear beneath archways of fern. Permanent streams: shrink,
almost silent, channel bottoms drying, mud flats extending. Main aquatic
thread of the wetlands: a crease in green reeds that push up everywhere.
Bittern still on the north end, *ga-lunking*.

Chestnut-sided warbler, ovenbird, and, of course, red-eyed vireo rule the
air waves. Singing, singing, singing. A lone redstart chimes in. Two
robins, unbraided, chase each other along a stonewall, wings akimbo slap
ferns. Seems serious. Sapsucker, a month into tapping a sugar maple,
prospecting for sap, harvesting bugs drawn to it. Pileated jack-hammers a
distant tree, excellent echos.

Pond empty of ducks. Thetford's version of *Make Way for Ducklings.* Although
more secretive than the mallard chicks that wandered around Boston Public
Garden, mersangers follow their mother back and forth between the wetland
and the pond, crossing the road once the curtain drops on day . . .
otherwise, they'd be contending with the red-shouldered hawk that sits
mid-marsh in the pine snag, scanning the world. Yesterday, the hawk
appeared above the reeds, circling and calling, the original version; much
sharper, much louder, much longer than the blue jay's cover, which tumbles
out of treetops or from just above the canopy, not from a thousand feet in
the sky. A second hawk appeared. The two flew in tandem, rose and fell on a
whim, their voices like lances pierced the valley.

Mosquitos out in force. The late George Craig, a biology professor at
Notre Dame University, predicted that the bites from 1,120,000 mosquitoes
would be enough to exsanguinate an average human. I won't stand still long
enough to find out.
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