Date: 5/23/20 10:48 am
From: Tom Berriman <blackpoll...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Shoveler: new bird Essex County
Using a spotting scope to bird at Mud Pond in Granby Friday I only saw the
head and part of the bill of a duck hidden in grasses across the pond for
just 2 seconds. (200 yards away) My first thought was Northern Shoveler but
the duck never came into the open. It was followed by a hen that I could get
no view of worthwhile. At home I made out my eBird report and decided not to
add the 'shoveler' sighting. After 3 hours of thought I went back and added
the duck to my report. My hesitation was although I don't keep lists, eBird
was letting me know this would be the 200 species I reported on eBird from
Essex County and it would be a new bird for that county. Still it bothered
me not to have some 'documentation' other than my eye witness account. This
morning on my way to Moose Bog I stopped at Meadow Street in Island Pond. At
5:15a.m. at the sewage ponds there were 2 Male Northern Shovelers waiting
for me to get my documentation photo! So in 23 hours' time at 2 different
locations a total of 4 Northern Shovelers in Essex County which had never
had reports of them before.

Tom Berriman
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