Date: 5/23/20 9:48 am
From: Ron <waxwing...>
Subject: Turkey stories
Reading the cardinal story, I remembered a turkey learning session. Some
years ago, we had a hen raising babies in our field and yard. We counted
almost daily as the young went from 11 down to 3. At that point they were
over half-grown and flighted, so could get off the ground at night and be
safer. Once, in the yard, they were together when the hen walked off 80-100
feet. The three stayed in a triangle facing out. After a minute or so, she
walked back and they left together. I guess it was training to watch for

A funny story about them. Some weeks later, when the young were almost
full-sized, a Cooper’s Hawk came swooping in low toward them. The hen saw it
and ran its way. The hawk did a U-turn and got out of there. Needless to
say, it was a juvenile. I’m not sure what the plans were with a grown
turkey, maybe thinking it would eat for a month!

Ron Clark
Kings Mtn. NC

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