Date: 5/22/20 5:50 pm
From: Don Freiday <peregrine43...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Bird sharing
Hey friends,
Info on the birding sharing bit is here:<>
I am dealing with rapidly accelerating cataracts(One too many hits to the head) and so for probably the next month I will not be able to add anybody to either list, the prognosis is good although doc says I will probably not be able to get back to my old 20/15.
But it has been delightful to spend April and May taking my ear birding as far as I can possibly push it. Whitch thanks to my friends like Michael O’Brien, Will Russell and Pete Dunne, you can take that ear birding thing pretty gosh darn far. Will catch up with y’all soon.
—Don Freiday
Cape May, NJ

But I must say it has been a true gift to spend April and May just listening and pushing the envelope of your burning as far as I possibly can. Back at you in July. Get Outlook for iOS<>

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