Date: 5/22/20 5:17 pm
From: Strickland Wheelock <skwheelock...> [RIBIRDS] <RIBIRDS-noreply...>
Subject: [RIBIRDS] Nipmunk State Forest - CT
One super pleasant birding surprise was the Nipmunk State Forest in Union Ct - I exited off Rt 84 at Exit 73 for CT-190 that leads to Stafford Springs, the site of my business textile meeting - shortly I passed the junction for CT-89 and immediately almost on the left is the entrance to this Nipmunk SF. You follow this road that quickly turns into a wide dirt road that eventually loops back to CT-190 - however this wide dirt road is in great shape and goes through a variety of excellent habitats. Fortunately I explored this Nipmunk SF on my return trip from Stafford Springs where time was not an issue - I drove slowly with my window open not knowing what to expect but was surrounded by so much bird song between 11 am to around noon - not normally a great time for song - had no binoculars so all by ear.............Highlights were the volume of warblers singing the whole way - had Cerulean, many Canada, Blk-thr Green & Blue, Blackpoll, Blk & Wht, Magnolia, Pine, Chestnut-sided, Am. Redstarts, Yellow, C Yellowthroat, N Waterthrush, Nashville, N Parula, Blackburnian - sure I missed others in the processAlong with the warblers were the whole range of other woodland passerines from Scarlet Tanagers, R-b Grosbeaks, B Orioles, Veery, Pewees, vireos, woodpeckers, wrens & much more singing the whole route - many pull off spots for other hiking trails all based off this one road.Hoping to drive back there early in the morning maybe this weekend to do the loop again and record all the species I missed like cuckoos, some of the flycatchers & other thrushes & more.
Strickland WheelockUxbridge  MA
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