Date: 5/22/20 3:33 pm
From: Jonathan Nikkila <jonathannikkila...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Birds & Butterflies
Thanks all for your posts the past week. I haven't seen the activity in Central Nebraska that y'all are seeing east. Seems to have slowed down here, except for the rain. Lots of rain.

My best experience on the "Big Weekend" was Sunday when I was helping a friend search for butterflies in Greeley County and a Bay-breasted Warbler started singing and then jumped right in front of me on a tree branch. Even my macro lens I had on my camera at the time was good enough to document it, it was so close.

Since I know many of you are generally interested in nature and conservation, I thought I would use that "Big Weekend" butterfly tie in to let you know about this Web site - ( ). My friend, Neil Dankert, is doing a "big year" for butterflies, trying to see as many Nebraska species as possible in 2020. The Web site includes frequent blogs about his trips, interesting features about Nebraska butterflies, state moth and butterfly lists, as well as information about good places to look yourself.

On the Web site, you will also see a link about a field guide of Central Platte River Valley Butterflies that Neil and I have produced. We are doing it in partnership with the Nebraska Master Naturalist program and all proceeds go to that great program. We think it is a fantastic resource - life size images to aid with identification, beautiful photographs, covers nearly every species you could encounter in the region, yet small enough to take on a hike. While it is focused on the Central Platte area, most of the butterflies can be found many other places around the state. Perhaps it would be a great companion for you to have when you are out birding? Never know what rare butterfly you might identify! The Web site includes information on how to let Neil know about sightings as well.

Check it out or let me know if you have any questions. Hope everyone has a great birding weekend.

-Jonathan Nikkila

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