Date: 5/22/20 2:41 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Hilliard-PrairieOaks,5-22: Black-b.Cuckoo,WinterWren,migrants
Plenty of migrants at a few parks in Hilliard and nearby Prairie Oaks
MetroPark. I started at Spindler Park (& the Mudsock Trail, which lived up
to its name), then visited Sycamore Plains and Darby Bend Lakes at
PrairieOaks, before coming back to finish at Reynolds Park in Hilliard.
Intriguingly, Spindler had the best fallout, probably because it offered
the only trees in its area. It's line of small trees along Clover-groff
creek attracted a nice assortment of migrants, and they were easy to see.
Prairie Oaks had just as many migrants, but they were harder to see in the
dense foliage along Big Darby creek, so I did a lot of 'ear-birding'
there. Notables included

Cuckoos - a Black-billed was feeding low in the trees along the Sycamore
Plains Trail
Woodpeckers - Red-headed were at Darby Bend Lakes (digging a nest hole) and
Reynolds Park
Flycatchers - lots of Pewees and Willows at these sites, but also had
Acadian & Great Crested at Sycamore Plains, and a calling Alder at Darby
Bend Lakes
Winter Wren - 1 was singing in the forest at Sycamore Plains, the latest
I've seen one here.

Vireos - Red-eyed were common at all sites, while Warblings were
concentrated at Darby bend Lakes. The only Philadelphia was at Reynolds
Thrushes - Swainson's still common at all thes sites, but most also had a
few Wood Thrushes. The only Gray-cheeked were deep in the thickets along
Sycamore Plains.
Mimids - Catbirds were everywhere, but also had Brown Thrasher at Darby
bend Lakes and Mockingbird along Patterson Rd

Warblers - Magnolias, Yellow, and Chestnut-sided were the most common at
all sites. Redstarts, Tennessees, Blackburnians, and CommonYellowthroats
were in smaller numbers. Also had Black&Whites, Black-thr.Greens,
Ovenbird, Parulas, Wilson's, Prothonotary (Darby bend Lakes), Blackpolls,
Bay-breasted, Prairie, and Canadas (3 at Sycamore Plains).

Buntings,Grosbeaks - Indigo Buntings common at all sites, while the only
Rose-br.Grosbeaks were at Darby bend Lakes and Reynolds Park
Tanagers - the only one was a singing Scarlet at Reynolds Park
Orioles - lots of Baltimores at all parks, but also had Orchard Orioles at
Spindler, Sycamore Plains, and Darby Bend Lakes (3).


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