Date: 5/22/20 2:33 pm
From: Jack and Pam <00000064a46c579c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: When a Wood Thrush song becomes stressful
We have lived at Erbie, adjacent to the Buffalo National River, for 23 years and many of those years, a Wood Thrush established a territory in the forest near the house.  These flute notes have long been one of my favorite natural sounds.  The thrush is usually most vocal early in the morning, and again at twilight.  Sometime in June the song frequency tapers off and becomes rare.  As if to assure us the bird hasn't left, we hear the notes now and then during the summer.
This year is different.  There is a Wood Thrush as usual, but rather than confine its song to morning and evening the bird is singing from dawn to dusk, all day long.  He is singing now as I type this.  So, we worry that no female has found our fine specimen of a male Wood Thrush. It is getting late in the season.  The knowledge that this species is on the near-threatened list is not reassuring.
Yesterday we thought maybe we heard two thrushes.  My understanding is that there is no clear evidence that the female Wood Thrush sings.
If any of you have a resident Wood Thrush we'd be interested in how things are literally developing "in your neck of the woods." 

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