Date: 5/22/20 2:03 pm
From: Jeff Miller via <jmiller=<>
Subject: [slocobirding] Oso Flaco this morning - and a note to help protect it
I birded Oso Flaco this morning, hoping to find some migrating black swifts
after Jay Carroll's report yesterday. Several experienced birders spent 2-3
hours on the boardwalk observing carefully and continuously, but conditions
were overcast, a little too overcast to be good for swifts. Fog conditions
made it impossible to see any high flying birds. Any passing swifts would
have had to come very low over the lake. Alas, no sign of black swifts (or
any swift species).

I did see an eBird report from someone who apparently was at the lake at the
same time as us claiming to have seen a black swift, but the observer
appears to misidentify the species. They described a bird with a forked
tail, likely a barn swallow.

We did see four least terns flying over the lake. Good to see the return of
this endangered species.

If you love seeing least terns and snowy plovers at Oso Flaco and Oceano
Dunes, take a moment to help protect this important birding area. State
Parks is pursuing a plan to allow more off-road vehicles in more areas at
Oceano Dunes and to reduce protected breeding areas for plovers and terns.
Send a letter to State Parks by June 1.

You can take action here:

Stop Off-road Vehicles From Running Over Rare Birds

Jeff Miller

Los Osos

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