Date: 5/22/20 11:11 am
From: Antonio, Robert J. <anto...>
Subject: Burcham: Friday
The sun broke through the clouds as I started my daily walk along the Kaw a little later than usual. It was more active today while the sun was out and the overcast was thin, but slowed as the overcast thickened and rain ended my walk I listed 42 species.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo - 1

Yellow - 14 singing and flitting
Wilson's - 2 singing
Chestnut-sided - 1 singing in same tree I had one two consecutive days on Monday & Tuesday-Peter Grund was on it before me and saw it as well as heard it
Northern Parula - 1 singing
Yellow-throated - 1 singing
Common Yellowthroat - 1
Blackpoll- 1

Yellow-throated Vireo - 1 singing
Least Flycatcher - 2 singing
Alder Flycatcher - 1 singing
Empid Species - 1
Fish Crow - 2 calling

Peter had a Magnolia near the boathouse... I might have heard a few notes a hour latter of that bird but not enough to identify. Appears some migrants came in and reports indicate some activity has occurred to the south of us. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow before the rains come for a a week....

Bob Antonio

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