Date: 5/22/20 9:24 am
From: Peter F. <pfollowill...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Black-Billed Cuckoo @ Friendship Forest (Dekalb Co.) 5/21/20 PM; Marsh Wren continues
Sorry to be late posting this, but I returned to Friendship Forest
yesterday (Thursday 5/21) afternoon in Clarkston to search for the COWA
reported earlier that morning by Drew Whitelegg. I didn't find the COWA,
but I did locate a black-billed cuckoo near the same spot. It was near the
crown of the willowy tree (sorry, don't know trees) between the mulberry
and birch trees, but I lost it when I looked down to text other birders.
The red eye ring and dark bill were plainly visible; there was no mistaking
it for a yellow-billed. Drew returned to the location, but we weren't able
to relocate it. No sightings of it this morning either.

The Marsh Wren continues at Friendship, with sightings yesterday morning
and this morning by several birders.


Pete Followill
Tucker, Dekalb Co.

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