Date: 5/22/20 8:47 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Birds of interest from Big Day 5/21/20 - Brant + Iceland Gull at Sodus Pt. late
    Kinsley Whittum and I did our usual late May Big Day yesterday. Beautiful day. Fun birding other than a few sites with poor habitat, This is just a quick update in case some will be interested in a couple of the birds.We started at midnight in Webster with a cardinal and then screech owls and a Barred Owl at our usual spot.On to the west near lakeshore, we did well on marsh and other night birds. At Torpey Hill stop had N. Saw-whet Owl calling as we stepped out of the car. Lots of good birds in The Iroquois/Oak Orchard/Tonawanda Complex.Missed a few woodland birds with my creaky knees limiting the Onondaga Trail walk we start with. Five Sandhill Cranes and many shorebirds at Cayuga Pool was nice. Back to the Lake Ontario shore, Point Breeze to Rochester,good birding as noted the past few days by many; nothing special. Good visibility over the lake, but few species on the water other than LOTS of Long-tailed Ducks in a variety of plumages and some Red-breasted Mergansers. Many of the "stakeout" species missed when we stopped at sites. On to Seneca Lake, expected species from recent reports found. Over to the Montezuma complex - relatively disappointing other than the previously known or recently flagged birds.    As usual, we basically ended at Sodus Point at 8:00 to 8:30 PM Surprises were a lone Brant on the east pier and then, as somebody wandered out on the old pier that stretches to the east, the gulls and terns stood up and moved about and one of the last standing for view was a gorgeous, pure white, 2nd cycle Iceland Gull. When it finally flew about and briefly dropped onto the east pier of the channel the only dark on it was a bit at the very tip of the bill andmostly lower mandible. Great way to finish!    Heading back to Rochester on Lake Road  a bit before 9:00 PM near County Line, we had 2 Common Nighthawks flying east as species 155.Bob Spahn, <rspahn...>
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