Date: 5/22/20 7:20 am
From: LynnC <lynncomito...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Re: Not a sighting - hummingbird feeding question

I would not recommend putting hot pepper in the sugar solution because it
is not part of their normal diet and also because they will be feeding and
preening their babies and I wouldn't want the hot pepper solution
transferred to the babies or get in their eyes and cause irritation. We
have had issues with raccoons getting into our hummingbird feeders before,
and I have gone to almost all window mount feeders that mount with suction
cups. If you have any suitable windows, I would look at the window mount
hummingbird feeders. If window mount feeders don't work for you, I
recommend exploring other options such as physical barriers designed to
keep squirrels from climbing poles or making sure the hummingbird feeders
are not located in close proximity to other types of bird feeders that
squirrels may be attracted to. There also may be some squirrel deterrent
that could be applied to the base of a feeder pole. If you have feeders
hanging from trees, this may not be possible. Earlier this spring I had
about 7 aggressive squirrels getting into my seed feeders. I have gone to
all window mount feeders - high enough that the squirrels cannot get into
them, and that solved the problem. My hummingbird feeders are not in close
proximity to my seed feeders. Hope this helps and good luck with the

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 5:50:55 PM UTC-5, chris-brochu wrote:
> Folks,
> Has anyone here tried adding some sort of hot pepper to the sugar solution
> poured into a hummingbird feeder?
> As I indicated previously, the squirrels where I’m currently sheltering
> (Evanston, IL) are far more aggressive with feeders than I’ve experienced
> in Iowa. They’re not necessarily craftier or more intelligent - rather
> than try to outsmart a squirrel-proof feeder, they merely try to gnaw them
> open. And with cheaper feeders, they often succeed.
> A couple of them have chewed the plastic flowers from around the ports on
> one of my hummingbird feeders while they drink the sugar water. They also
> chase the hummingbirds away. Hence my interest in anti-rodent measures.
> chris
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