Date: 5/21/20 8:23 pm
From: Ann Brice (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Buckhorn Reservoir had Black terns, Caspian tern, Common Loon and Bank Swallows
Around noon it was still raining and there was a Caspian tern and three
smaller white terns too distant to identify as well as a common loon in
non-breeding plumage. What I counted to be about 300 swallows viewable
from the boat ramps turned out to be a large number of chimney swifts and
purple martins. There were some barn swallows and bank swallows. After
counting at the boat ramp, I went to the opposite shore and counted from
the end of Johnson Farm Rd. That's where I saw the three black terns, west
of the boat ramp area. From that position, I verified that most of the
things flying on that side of the lake were purple martins.

I saw a red-breasted merganser at the boat ramp yesterday and checked some
earlier ebird lists and saw that it had been there a couple of days before
, also at the boat ramp. It was in non-breeding plumage also.

I am not aware of any mudflats at Buckhorn so no shorebirds to report.

Ann Brice
Wilson, NC

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