Date: 5/21/20 6:22 pm
From: Kent Fiala (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Lake Crabtree County Park today--yellowlegs, etc
Lake Crabtree County Park in Wake County, NC, was heavily birded today, due to an influx of shorebirds and other species to the flooding lake, including several rarities such as Red-necked Phalarope. Throughout the day, 20 separate eBird checklists (so far) each reported a single yellowlegs. Of these, 14 reported a single Greater Yellowlegs and no Lesser Yellowlegs. The other 6 reported a single Lesser Yellowlegs and no Greater Yellowlegs. The reports of Lesser are mostly later in the day than the reports of Greater, but there is some overlap in times, without anyone actually reporting both species. I saw the Greater myself, towering over nearby Killdeer, and it was photographed. Does anyone have photographic evidence that a Lesser was actually present?

I don't actually keep track, but I'm sure that today was a record-shattering day for me as an eBird reviewer. From just one hotspot alone, Lake Crabtree County Park, I have (so far) reviewed 102 reports of rare species or high counts.

Kent Fiala

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