Date: 5/20/20 6:18 am
From: Christopher Hill (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: no more nighthawks
I’ve been living in Conway, SC near Coastal Carolina University since 1999 and every spring the nighthawks come back, and by late April, when I take my ornithology class on an all day field trip, I always hear the nighthawks calling over campus as I wait for the students to show up for the 7 am van ride to the coast. In the evenings I hear them over our house and when we go for walks, and at the local Food Lion parking lot. But not this year. They never showed up, for the first time I can remember. Maybe it’s that a gravel rooftop they nested on was upgraded to rubber membrane and they couldn’t find a nearby replacement, or maybe it’s a small local piece of the overall decline in nightjars and in aerial insectivores generally, but even though I’m not yet sure it’s a permanent, I thought I would note the disappearance here.

Chris Hill
Conway, SC
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