Date: 5/19/20 6:50 pm
From: Michael Foster <mfoster...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Prothonatary Warbler???
I was walking through the forest at the Windsor Grasslands WMA this morning. I had a great morning with some nice shots of a blue winged warbler and many others. As I was walking down, a bird came off of the ground and flew right by me. I only got a brief glimpse of yellow but it landed on some shrubs not far from me and I got a couple of shots (exactly the same) off before it flew off. There was no sound and nothing I could latch onto for ID, so I did not add the bird to my checklist thinking maybe I could ID it from the photo. This still had me stumped, and I posted it on a forum for bird ID. All there agreed on Prothonatary warbler. I have still not added it to my checklist, because I want to be sure. I know this would be a quite rare find. Here are links to the 2 photos I got. Any opinions?? <> <>

Michael Foster
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