Date: 5/19/20 5:07 pm
From: Ian Worley <iworley...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Cerulean Warbler, southern end of Snake Mountain, Bridport
While walking this evening in the deciduous canopied woods on the lower
slope of Snake Mountain south, with puppy Gus, as the sun slipped below
the ridge above, I heard faintly the song of a Cerulean Warbler,
repeated multiple times for about 45 seconds.  My timepiece said 6:39
pm; the first time I've ever heard one so late in the day.

But this is not the first occurrence of the species here.  This makes
the 13th consecutive year for the species in the wooded ledges above our
house.  The earliest date among those years was the 9th of May.  That
certainly wasn't going to happen this year.


Last year on the 25th, a fine team of birders many of you know, came
searching in hopes of some good photographs: Jim Mead, Henry Trombley,
Clem Nilan, and Graham Rice.  They indeed accomplished their goal with
many outstanding photos.  See some of them here:

A particular highlight was the discovery of a female, who flew down
close to us for multiple good looks. Look for her portrait in this
checklist photo suite.  For each of the team of four it was a lifer, as
females are rarely located in Vermont.

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