Date: 5/19/20 11:11 am
From: Kent McFarland <kmcfarland...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Join the Vermont Backyard Bird Quest—23 May 2020
On Saturday May 23rd, spring migration will be at its peak in Vermont. Join
us on Vermont's biggest birding day – the Vermont Backyard Bird Quest 2020.
And help us celebrate and document all the spring birds across the Green
Mountain State.
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Although birding—and life in general—has changed for all of us in recent
months, spring’s arrival and the return of migrant birds continue on pace.
With the recent passage of most waterfowl through Vermont, we birders now
eagerly await the flood of songbirds that is just beginning to gather
momentum. Spring migration is an exhilarating phenomenon, which now brings
welcome comfort and rejuvenation to us all during these disconcerting times.

The Vermont Backyard Bird Quest is modeling this one-day effort at
recording all of Vermont’s birds after traditional “Big Sits” (24 hours of
birding within a 17-foot diameter circle) and “patch birding.” We are
asking people to bird individually (or with their families) on May 23,
either from a single spot or by thoroughly exploring a defined “patch”
around or near their home.

Participating is easy. Wherever you are in Vermont, you can be a part of
the Vermont eBird community on May 23rd. Please remember to always put
safety first and follow all local safety guidelines and closures. You can
even enjoy birds from inside your home and still be part of the Vermont
Backyard Bird Quest.

If you can spare at least 5 or 10 minutes, report your observations to
Vermont eBird online or with the free eBird Mobile app. If you have more
time, submit checklists of birds throughout the day at different times. You
never know what you might spot. Your observations help us better understand
Vermont bird populations through products like these amazing animated
abundance maps brought to you by eBird Science using data collected by bird
watchers like you!

How many checklists can we collect as a Vermont eBird team in one day?
During the 2016 May big day, Vermont eBirders recorded 480 checklists
comprising 181 bird species! Will you join us on May 23rd and make the
Vermont Backyard Bird Quest 2020 the year that we surpass 500 bird
checklists, in one day, scattered across Vermont? Maybe we can top 190
species in one day, too? Help us set a new Vermont eBird record and help
collect data for science and conservation at the same time!

During the Vermont Backyard Bird Quest, we have a unique opportunity to
celebrate and help protect the things we hold dear. That’s why this year,
VCE’s birding team, the Green Mountain Goatsuckers, will include all
members of our staff for a special 24-hour marathon of socially-distanced
birding. We need your help. Each of us will be scouring our backyards and
favorite local patches to find over 150 bird species and raise funds for
VCE’s conservation and science projects.

Have fun, enjoy the birds you find, stay safe, and share your sightings on
Vermont eBird. Because in our world, every bird counts.


Kent McFarland
Vermont Center for Ecostudies
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