Date: 5/19/20 7:22 am
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Subject: RE: Dunlin, Crabtree
As Harry said, things are dynamic out there.

Recall that shorebirds will and do migrate during the day, the weather is not as big a deal to them as might be considered, and the local Bald Eagle loves to fly over occasionally and scare up most of the birds. Some come back, others don’t. About 9:55 all the birds lifted up, and while the Dunlin (about 58 I believe) came back, the Whimbrel left. The 11 visible on the flat were joined by 2 more in the air (not sure if they came up from somewhere else or were simply flying by, they were higher than the group of 11) for a total of 13.

The Common Tern was nowhere to be seen, but a Black Tern stopped by.

Possibly as impressive as the shorebirds was the flock of swallows. All of the normally occurring species (Bank, Cliff, Rough-winged, Barn, Tree) were about, with decent (for Wake) numbers of Bank.

As the rain continues, the flat will probably become submerged, after which activity might move to the floodplain/open play area if enough puddles form.

Checking my notes, I see that my last Whimbrel in Wake was on almost the same date! That one was 5/20, so this may well be the *right* week for Whimbrels coming through.

Steve Shultz
Apex NC

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Birds are obviously coming and going into the lake this morning. The Dunlins were certainly not there in the hour I was there. And the Whimbrels were not there or visible the first 30 minutes I was there.

Don’t assume these birds will stay there all day, and certainly new things can drop down later in the day, as there will be squalls much of the day.

Harry LeGrand
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24 dunlin on flats

Marc Ribaudo
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