Date: 5/19/20 5:51 am
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Lake Crabtree, NC, birds -
I stopped by Lake Crabtree, Wake Co., NC, before 7 am, and 3 other folks
were already there. It indeed was very unsettled, some bouts of angled
rain, winds NE at about 15-20 -- son or Arthur, even though this mess is
from a stalled cold front.

I managed to see an apparent Arctic Tern flying off the island around 715,
a minute after the others left, but it flew out of the lake, as it was not
seen again. It had a white forehead, and the typical short-front shape and
long tail, but details of the wing coloration were tough to see. And, I
couldn't see the bill shape, etc., so it will have to go as a probable.
After a while, a whirling flock of WHIMBRELS flew around, and finally after
Ann Stinely arrived, they settled down -- 11 in all!! Another tern came
from somewhere, this one with a solid black cap, landed near the Whimbrels,
and was a Common Tern.

The Black-bellied Plover was not there. Other shorebirds at the island were:
Semipalmated Plover 5-6 but nary a Killdeer
Greater Yellowlegs 1
Spotted Sandpiper 4-5
Least Sandpiper maybe 15
Semipalmated Sandpiper 50 or more -- everywhere.

I cannot swear to any Western Sandpipers. People will certainly continue
to report one or two, but I wonder; they should be gone northwest by now.
No White-rumpeds. I managed to see Barn, Tree, Rough-winged, and Cliff

Harry LeGrand

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