Date: 5/17/20 1:54 pm
From: Kevin Kubach (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Connecticut Warbler - Greenville, SC
Good Afternoon. On Monday, May 11, I heard then briefly saw a Connecticut
Warbler along an unnamed stream in suburban Greenville, SC. The bird was
singing in a boggy, grassy floodplain area with willows and I was able to
get a recording before it took off (recording in eBird list):;!!OToaGQ!8cJBdTZxYh6fXpi2_tx80GEvarEgjcSjMQDVdfNZIKejDrchAwml86vldE8ec4Yyigk$ . Despite considerable effort that
morning and in subsequent days, the bird was not located again.

Good Birding,

Kevin Kubach
Greenville, SC

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