Date: 5/17/20 8:33 am
From: lcarrigan_55 via <lcarrigan_55=<>
Subject: [IBLE] Pine Siskins
Evening Grosbeaks still coming in to feeder, down to about 10 now. BH Grosbeaks are here in force now, males & females. Counted 11 at feeder at same time. Up to 3 male Lazuli Buntings at a time, too. No females yet. Also, seeing Bullock's Orioles, House Wrens & Yellow Warblers. A Red-breasted Nuthatch pr may be nesting. Sure are active.

Robins are nesting now. Both Chipping Sparrows & WC Sparrows are here. And Pine Siskins are back at feeder this AM. A Black-chinned Hummingbird pr is setting up for nesting. The male was doing large U-shaped display flights for the female for 5+ mins at a time this AM.

Brian Carrigan

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