Date: 5/15/20 9:10 am
From: maevulus <maevulus...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Cape May and other warblers
People have commented on the apparent scarcity of warblers and warbler
song in the woods this spring. We haven't been far from home, but the
bird activity in our yard (small woods on one side, wetlands on another,
open field on a third) has been exciting and gratifying. (I was
beginning to think that the birds were altering their regular routes in
an act of kindness to two home-bound birders, but I realize the greatly
increased yard count is actually a factor of how much more time we're
spending here than usual.) Warblers haven't been constant but when they
come through the flocks are quite large. We've seen many Yellow-rumps, a
few Black-throated Green, a Chestnut-sided, a Common Yellowthroat, a
female Cape May, a Nashville, and at least four mystery species, as well
as hearing the regular resident Ovenbird from the woods across the
Maeve Kim, Jericho Center
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