Date: 5/13/20 3:24 pm
From: Robert Rybczynski (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: territorial Yellow Warblers?, Bobolinks - Wake Co., NC
I birded Mid Pines and Inwood Roads this morning. On Mid Pines I heard and saw 2 singing Yellow Warblers, one at the pond and a second, south of the road in the willows on the west side of the stream. These are the same 2 spots I had Yellow Warblers on 25 April, 18 days ago. I realize that the cool spring we have had so far is making some migrants linger but, even so, given the length of time they have been present I wonder if these 2 birds have set up territories. In both cases, the birds are in appropriate habitat.
On Inwood Rd, I stopped when I heard Bobolinks singing behind the “Compost” building. Initially I thought there were about 30 birds when a group flew up briefly from the tall grasses. Then a harrier came by and a very large group, I estimated at least 125 birds (perhaps as many as 150), flushed. Most were females, males were no more than 10% of the group. This is by far the most Bobolinks I have seen in North Carolina.

Good Birding!
Rob Rybczynski
Cary, NC

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