Date: 5/13/20 2:08 pm
From: Ron <waxwing...>
Subject: Charlotte birds
Black-billed Cuckoo – two have been found in the last couple of weeks, one
at Latta Park and one at Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve. Two evenings ago, one
was found near McDowell Prairie in the south end of Mecklenburg County and
seen until yesterday evening. This morning, two were seen inside the
prairie. It’s possible the one just mentioned was one of those this morning,
about 3/4 mile away from the other sighting. So, there have been four, maybe
five, seen in Charlotte. Some/most years none are seen.

Bay-breasted Warbler – typically easier in the fall, but still not very
many. Quite a few have been seen this migration. Four were noted in Latta
Park on Sunday, I had two and Jeff Lemon texted about a pair at the same
time, so different birds. This is the second time for that many at Latta.
They have been seen regularly at other sites. Most springs I don’t see any.

Bobolink – usually some seen each spring. This migration, many were seen at
several sites. An estimate at one place was 100 birds.

Add to this: singing Alder Flycatcher, Yellow Rail (seen by a few, but
missed by many, including me), Cattle Egret and an early-March Henslow’s
Sparrow. Some of this could be attributed to the current times. Maybe more
folks are out birding due to cancelled travel, jobs on hold, or just plain
stir crazy from hanging around the house. Whatever the reason, it’s been

On the flip side.
Yellow-rumped Warbler – numbers seem to be down. Typically numerous (too
many?) so you have to look through them to find another species. Someone
noted that the numbers were down over the winter also, which I hadn’t
thought about (I’m afraid that I tend to ignore them).

Ron Clark
Kings Mtn. NC

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