Date: 5/12/20 12:08 pm
From: Sharon Turner <sharxxturner...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Could it be?? a Troupial/Baltimore Oriole in Danby??
Could it be?? a Troupial/Baltimore Oriole in Danby??  The car went by in the road in front of thehouse where the bird was perched, and so I didnot get to the camera in time to take a picture.  I had a Baltimore Oriole earlier in theday.  That was very clear to me.  But this bird had a black head, a bill andeye that was black, The same size as the Baltimore Oriole yet orange at theback of the neck which would be “‘weird” for a Baltimore Oriole.  I have a Peterson guide dated copyright 1980and in the “EXOTICS: Introduced birds and escapes” page 302-303 it has an exactpicture of the bird I saw.  It wasidentified as number 8 “Troupial icterus icterus.”  I had a good long look at the bird inbinoculars very close to the house in the sunlight, unobstructed and am sure ofthe markings on the wing too, that would be odd for a Baltimore Oriole.  Could it be it is mating with the Baltimoreorioles and is now a cross?  Verystrange.  When I looked on the Cornellsite the teardrop shape at the eye wasn’t there, but the is no teardrop shapeon the bird in the Peterson guide I have either.  Mount Tabor Pamela Coleman please be on the lookout for it.  I am the only one to identify it, so I knowit doesn’t “count” as a valid sighting without a picture. I saw it about 2:00pm

Sharon Turner
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