Date: 5/11/20 7:22 pm
From: Robert Kiernan <photobirder...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Chipping Sparrows
I hit reply & it.still went to ible whats up

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> Bill & Larry's recent posts re: numbers of birds was proven this evening.
> Old habits are hard to break, as I'm an old "Great Backyard Bird Count"
> observer & record highest numbers of a species seen at one time. This
> evening, was walking on the place & saw a bird fly up to the top of a
> sagebrush, a Chipping Sparrow, in full breeding plumage.
> As I kept watching, saw 3-4 others. Then, took about 3 steps forward & the
> ground exploded with Chipping Sparrows flying up. Saw at least 30 in
> flight. If I had just counted what I saw initially, number would have been
> off by at least 25.
> Point of numbers is well taken. Remember reading a study from Cornell
> about Chickadees & it was found that for each one seen, there are at least
> 5 others. So, the 6 I usually spot, means at least 30 individuals are
> hitting the feeders.
> Brian Carrigan
> Blackfoot

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