Date: 5/11/20 1:17 pm
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: rockingham county NC sbc results
The 8th Rockingham County Spring Bird Count was held on Thursday April 30,
2020. Overnight and dawn was heavy rain and flash flooding, the rest of
the day was cloudy with temperatures from 58-68. 7 observers in 4 parties
tallied a record high 124 species (average 112, previous high 118) and
2,343 birds (average 1,874). Totals were led by 109 Northern Cardinal, 99
Mourning Dove and 98 American Robin. Additional bird seen during count
week: Eastern Wood-pewee, Blue-winged Warbler, American Redstart and Rusty

FIRST COUNT RECORDS: a single Semipalmated Plover was on a farm pond at
first light off Ledbetter Road, and I cannot believe it took 8 years to
finally get a Chestnut-sided Warbler, and by two parties!

Other goodies include two parties with two different Bald Eagles for 2nd
count record (now nesting in area), our 2nd Black-billed Cuckoo in
Waterfalls territory, 2nd Bank Swallow over Mayo Mountain ponds, 2nd
Gray-cheeked Thrush on Mayo Mountain loop trail, 2nd Cerulean Warbler in
Waterfalls territory, 2nd Swamp Sparrow in Airport section and 2nd
Baltimore Oriole at Mayo Mountain ponds.

3rd Lesser Yellowlegs in Stoneville area, 3rd Least Sandpiper on Ledbetter
Road, 3rd Least Flycatcher around Mayo Mountain ponds, 3rd Cliff Swallow
and three parties with our 3rd Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

MISSES: Sharp-shinned Hawk, Eastern Screech-owl and Blackpoll Warbler.

A side note, instead of the rare dragonfly, on the summit if ceddar
mountain I was able to record video/audio of a pair of Mountain Chorus
Frogs! In NC this species is only known from Cherokee county, NC, further
evidence of this unique county!!!!

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to count!

Mark your calendars

Fall migration count September 9, 2020

Christmas Count December 23, 2020

Brian Bockhahn

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