Date: 5/11/20 7:04 am
From: Cliff Weisse <cliffandlisa...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] A Change, and default IBLE settings ??
The setting can be changed but I set it this way on purpose. I think
most replies are meant for the group and many of those ended up as
private emails on the old platform. When I want to write only to the
author I just hit Reply All, then delete the IBLE address. Either way
it's going to be a matter of being aware of the setting and double
checking the address.


On 5/11/20 5:54 AM, Larry Arnold wrote:
> Cliff, does our current listserv have a setting we can
> change?  when we hit "reply" many times we might be intending to reply
> offline to the sender, not to the group.....  RL and I have both done
> this recently, inadvertently reply to the group, whereas the old IBLE
> default was to the sender I believe.  Currently, we have to delete the
> group reply and enter the sender's email... otherwise the group will
> receive what is meant as "private offline replies" which might not be
> suitable reading by our IBLE audience...  does this make sense, or am
> i again being ambiguous?

Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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