Date: 5/10/20 3:42 pm
From: David Guertin <dave...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Tufted Duck on Lake Champlain
I'm delurking here to post my first message, prompted by my first-ever
sighting of a Tufted Duck on Lake Champlain, seen from the boat launch
under the Champlain Bridge in Addison. I was scanning a late-departing
raft of just over 20 scaup through the scope, trying to separate Lessers
from Greaters. I was able to positively identify two of each, when the
scope landed on something that wasn't actually a scaup. I first thought,
hey, a Ring-necked Du..., no wait a minute, that characteristic white
stripe is missing. And what's with that weird tuft of feathers hanging
down the back of his neck? Hey! Wait! That's a Tufted Duck! It's been a
while since I've seen a life bird, so that was pretty exciting.

There was also a group of 8 Buffleheads hanging out with these scaup.

Final count:

2 Lesser Scaup
2 Greater Scaup
18 scaup sp.
1 Tufted Duck(!)
8 Bufflehead
450 Double-crested Cormorants (They pretty much blanketed a good piece
of the middle of the lake.)
70 gull sp. (hanging out with the cormorants)
1 Caspian Tern

Dave G.
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