Date: 5/9/20 11:42 am
From: Ted Levin <tedlevin1966...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] May 9, 2020: Thetford Center; part 2
12:23 p.m. 34 degrees. Wind out of the NW; 18 mph. Grasses and sedges,
compasses, point SE. Pines gossip. Hardwoods complain. Wind roars. It's
spitting snow. Patches linger in the woods; on the boughs of sapling pines,
which sag under the weight; on the north side of trunks and boulders; on
sheltered limbs. I wear a down jacket, ski cap, and insulated gloves, just
like on the bitter beach, in February.

Wild turkey flushes from feeders when I step outside. Flaps several times,
glides over the upper pasture, flaps some more, and glides across the lower
pasture, wings stubby and convex. Settles into a pine, a dirigible with
camber. Chickadees, dousing for food, keep busy (as always), probing lichen

As if to punctuate a similarity with my boyhood on the beach, eleven
*myrtle* warblers, all males, settle into black cherry; hunt insects among
infant leaves and decrepit stems.
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