Date: 5/8/20 7:45 pm
From: Jon Barnett <jrb4jc...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Another Arrival
Fun, Brian! I meant to send a note this morning, but had to get on the road early and forgot. My FOY Bullock’s Orioles just showed up last night – they were the last Spring bird I was anticipating, although I have not heard a Yellow Warbler or Yellow-breasted Chat signing along the creek yet… I was on my way to chase the Blackpoll Warbler today when I saw the IBLE note that lots of others were already on the chase with no success, drat it. G’night all…Jonathan, Horseshoe Bend

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Subject: [IBLE] Another Arrival

Today's Spring arrival was a male Bullock's Oriole. Now, waiting for a male W Tanager & my personal list for what it takes to really be Spring, bird-wise, will be complete.

Both Evening Grosbeaks & Cassin's Finches continue at the feeder. As do quick visits by the Blue Jay. White-crowned Sparrows are here, 1 Lincoln's Sparrow & Dark-eyed Juncos are down to just a couple.

Brian Carrigan

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