Date: 5/8/20 5:53 pm
From: Elizabeth Medes <liz.medes...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Toppermost this morning
Wonderful! But pity the poor goose. Saw my one and only bobcat in a tree
in our backyard above K Albertson Park in Boise years ago - thought it was
a neighbor's cat lounging on a limb - until the sun rose and I saw its
enormous paws.

But, better still in that first bench location were the hundreds of wood
ducks in winter lifting off at dusk from the west side of the park, perform
some perfunctory maneuvers, then speed back over the tree line to the ponds
below. Will never forget that.

FOY Nashville warbler on Shalerock road today, chipping sparrow in the
hood, and 2 pair of Cassin's finches here for the second day at the
safflower feeders. Who needs TV?

Liz Medes
Gem County

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