Date: 5/8/20 1:42 pm
From: Ken Miracle via <chukar28=<>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Toppermost this morning
WOW what a cool story … have been waiting for about 10 years not for a Bobcat encounter with something other than a pocket point and shoot in my hands.

> On May 8, 2020, at 2:28 PM, Larry Arnold <larnold47...> wrote:
> Normally, it’s difficult to decide which was my favorite beastie of the day, but today’s was easy because it was life experience. I was watching a doe mule deer tip-toeing along behind a bobcat, and my imagination told me she was fixing to boot the bobcat into low Earth orbit, because maybe she had young nearby? but of course the boot never happened. Bob the cat was fixated on an adult Canada Goose walking across a grassy area. The goose soon appeared to be trapped in a corner of chain-link fence, too close to fly up and over, while the cat was in stealth mode sneaking toward the goose, who had, meanwhile, found a hole in the fence to get thru, but by this time the cat was moving quickly, found the same hole and lunged thru it faster than the speed of my brain trying to keep up, and grabbed the goose by the neck. The latter appeared zombified by these events, but was still alert, and the cat-with-goose immediately wandered into the understory of a mature riparian cottonwood stand and THAT was the end of the show…..
> In a prior life I’d seen plenty of bobcats, but this was my first in Idaho since moving to the state eight yrs ago. Yes I got a couple of “year birds” today biking the Boise River Greenbelt (19 miles), but the cat & goose show was a first in my 70+ yrs !! =)
> “Any day could have been a special day, but you had to get out there and see!” (Kenn Kaufman, Kingbird Highway, 1997)
> Larry

Ken Miracle
"Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God" 2COR 3:5

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