Date: 5/8/20 9:30 am
From: Richard Littauer <richard.littauer...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] On the off chance one of you is a programmer
I've had a side project I've been working on for a while, which I've
recently managed to get going a bit further. It is a website which allows
you to upload your exported eBird data, and see the map breakdown for what
birds you've seen in individual *towns*, instead of counties. I like
knowing where I bird the most, and how close I'm getting to the 251-club
for birding. I also have functionality to show what birds you've seen in
the nine major Vermont bioregions (thanks for the help, VCE!), and to help
clarify targets a bit differently than eBird does.

I've managed to make the mapping software functional to show you what birds
you've seen in a ten mile radius, and I would love to have it done by
tomorrow to be able to have people see what birds they haven't seen locally
before Big Day. Even if it snows, knowing that you've never actually seen a
Swamp Sparrow or a Bittern close to home may encourage you to go to your
local swamp. I think that's awesome, and I want to share it.

However, I need a bit of help getting it out in time. The major need is for
an input form for people to put in their address; following that, easy
instructions for people to use the site. It's pretty close, but could use
some work. I just may not have the time.

Out of any chance: are any of you React or generic JavaScript developers?
Anyone want to help out today and see if we can push out a tool to help
make birding in Vermont more fun?

Figured I'd ask. Otherwise, I likely won't finish it today.


Richard | @richlitt <> |
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