Date: 5/8/20 4:28 am
From: Liz Lackey <lackeytomliz...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Wood ducks and Broad Winged Hawk
Please remind the listserv in what town you made your observations.
Much appreciated,
Liz Lackey
Stowe, VT

> On May 8, 2020, at 7:00 AM, Michael Foster <mfoster...> wrote:
> I put up a wood duck box on our pond about 3 years ago with little hope of it being used by a wood duck. Our pond is not large and open on 2 sides and fairly close to our house. There are woods on the far side, which is where I located the box, I was hoping that maybe a Hooded Merganser might use the box. Well we got lucky and a pair of Wood Ducks are nesting in the box. I attached a link to some photos of the pair taken about a week ago. This moringing my wife said she just saw the female go into the box. She must have been on the water. I hadn’t seen her, but the glare from the morning sun makes it hard to see the far side of the pond in the morning so she might have been on the water. There were a pair of male mallards on the water as well. Just after the female went in my wife said there is the male on the roof. I looked with binocs, and it was not the male, but a Broad Winged Hawk. Probably quite upsetting to the female,, but she stayed in the box. The hawk did not long. I have no idea, but hope that a hawk would not go into the box. I did put up a tube to protect from mammal predators. Does anyone know if a hawk will go into a box.
> Here’s a link to some shots I got of the pair.
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