Date: 5/7/20 12:19 pm
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Mixed flock of Bobolinks at North Wilkesboro
Yesterday at Memorial Park along the Yadkin River Greenway in Wilkes
Co., there was a fairly large, very noisy flock of Bobolinks in a field
of tall grass. The flock was probably around 30 birds, apparently of
both sexes, as when they popped up out of the grass only about half were
in adult male plumage, the others looked like winter or female birds.

Birds of NC states that Bobolinks migrate in single sex flocks, so I'm
wondering how common it is for people to see these large, mixed, raucous
flocks during migration? I've only ever seen small flocks of quiet birds
that were obvious migrants. And the breeding flocks I've seen have been
much smaller and more sedate than these were.

Guy McGrane

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