Date: 5/6/20 12:29 pm
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Blue-winged Teal breeding in Macon County, NC!
I got no further comments -- and thus considering that May 5 might well be
quite early for a pair of Blue-winged Teal to have produced a successful
brood, especially in the mountains -- but not so for overwintering/resident
species like Mallard and Wood Duck -- I think it best to consider the
report as unconfirmed and the chicks seen and photographed represent those
two latter species until proven otherwise.

Harry LeGrand

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 8:10 PM Harry LeGrand <hlegrandjr...> wrote:

> Now that I am looking at her 2 photos on her eBird list:
> The first photo shows a female Mallard with several chicks, as some Anas
> species. These could be Mallard chicks, or possibly Blue-winged Teal
> chicks. I've looked at images on Google, and I can't be sure. The second
> photo does show a male Blue-winged Teal, but the chick in the photo seems
> to be that of a Wood Duck. Barbara did say there was a brood of Wood Ducks
> in the same wetland.
> Thus, can Barbara or others try to confirm nesting by Blue-winged Teal
> here? Thanks.
> Harry LeGrand
> On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 7:58 PM Harry LeGrand <hlegrandjr...> wrote:
>> Barbara McRae e-mailed me today, with 2 photos (that cannot be attached),
>> that she had been seeing adult Blue-winged Teals at a wetland near the
>> Little Tennessee River in Macon County. Today, she photographed a female
>> with 7 ducklings, and also the adult male. I hope she uploads photos to the
>> CBC Photo Gallery, or to an eBird list. If not, I have forwarded the
>> message to Josh Southern, for the Chat Briefs for the Files.
>> This I think is a first confirmed nesting of Blue-winged Teal in NC in a
>> decade or more, and a first for the mountains. It used to nest
>> occasionally on the Outer Banks. However, a few "fluke" breeding records
>> have been noted in both Carolinas in the last 40 years (from the Chat
>> database):
>> Davis, Ricky. 2003. Briefs for the files. Chat 67:148–155
>> <;!!OToaGQ!8_gienA2g7tIotKi0H_eJX0D_PvytUpvO1atImKKQZgdPUyWvhqY-oPW5mKPVltHXtU$ >
>> (All dates Summer 2003, unless otherwise noted)
>> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A noteworthy nesting record came from the Savannah
>> Spoil Site, SC this summer with two different broods of Blue-winged Teal, a
>> species found breeding in the state only a handful of times. A female with
>> eight young was seen June 13 and a female with two young was found June 27
>> (Steve Calver).
>> Davis, Ricky. 1998. Briefs for the files. Chat 62:187–199
>> <;!!OToaGQ!8_gienA2g7tIotKi0H_eJX0D_PvytUpvO1atImKKQZgdPUyWvhqY-oPW5mKPSJfasUE$ >
>> (All Dates Spring 1998)
>> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A first Forsyth County, NC, breeding record was
>> established when a pair was at a nest with four eggs during late April
>> (Ramona Snavely et. al.) They were seen to abandon the eggs, and
>> surprisingly Mallards and Canada Geese were seen incubating the eggs later!
>> Another first local breeding record was of a female with three young near
>> Pauline, SC, May 8 (Lyle Campbell).
>> LeGrand, Harry E., Jr.. 1983. Briefs for the files. Chat 47:26–32
>> <;!!OToaGQ!8_gienA2g7tIotKi0H_eJX0D_PvytUpvO1atImKKQZgdPUyWvhqY-oPW5mKPySW-Xnw$ >
>> (All dates 1982)
>> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: Perhaps the first breeding record for inland North
>> Carolina was established at Beaverdam Reservoir on 12 June, when Dick Brame
>> flushed a female with seven young.
>> Legrand, Harry E., Jr.. 1981. Briefs for the files. Chat 45:19–24
>> <;!!OToaGQ!8_gienA2g7tIotKi0H_eJX0D_PvytUpvO1atImKKQZgdPUyWvhqY-oPW5mKPrBUhvtk$ >
>> (All dates 1980 unless otherwise indicated)
>> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A nesting of this species was noted near Fairplay,
>> Anderson County, S.C., during the summer (fide Stanlee Miller), and John
>> Fussell had a nesting record (five young plus adults) at Brant Island, in
>> Fort Macon State Park, N.C., in June. A male was unusual at Huntington
>> Beach State Park, S.C., on 12 June (P.J. Crutchfield, Kevin Mason), and
>> seven were very early at Jordan Reservoir on 2 July (Bob Lewis).
>> Harry LeGrand
>> Raleigh

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