Date: 5/5/20 5:11 pm
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Blue-winged Teal breeding in Macon County, NC!
Now that I am looking at her 2 photos on her eBird list:;!!OToaGQ!9bvpxs_SNmueUi14FHHAxXecTCUqzlRJvdkmFO1wleqjHA7KniWxONhP7cGu1RMV7B0$

The first photo shows a female Mallard with several chicks, as some Anas
species. These could be Mallard chicks, or possibly Blue-winged Teal
chicks. I've looked at images on Google, and I can't be sure. The second
photo does show a male Blue-winged Teal, but the chick in the photo seems
to be that of a Wood Duck. Barbara did say there was a brood of Wood Ducks
in the same wetland.

Thus, can Barbara or others try to confirm nesting by Blue-winged Teal
here? Thanks.

Harry LeGrand

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 7:58 PM Harry LeGrand <hlegrandjr...> wrote:

> Barbara McRae e-mailed me today, with 2 photos (that cannot be attached),
> that she had been seeing adult Blue-winged Teals at a wetland near the
> Little Tennessee River in Macon County. Today, she photographed a female
> with 7 ducklings, and also the adult male. I hope she uploads photos to the
> CBC Photo Gallery, or to an eBird list. If not, I have forwarded the
> message to Josh Southern, for the Chat Briefs for the Files.
> This I think is a first confirmed nesting of Blue-winged Teal in NC in a
> decade or more, and a first for the mountains. It used to nest
> occasionally on the Outer Banks. However, a few "fluke" breeding records
> have been noted in both Carolinas in the last 40 years (from the Chat
> database):
> Davis, Ricky. 2003. Briefs for the files. Chat 67:148–155
> <;!!OToaGQ!9bvpxs_SNmueUi14FHHAxXecTCUqzlRJvdkmFO1wleqjHA7KniWxONhP7cGuFlToGOA$ >
> (All dates Summer 2003, unless otherwise noted)
> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A noteworthy nesting record came from the Savannah Spoil
> Site, SC this summer with two different broods of Blue-winged Teal, a
> species found breeding in the state only a handful of times. A female with
> eight young was seen June 13 and a female with two young was found June 27
> (Steve Calver).
> Davis, Ricky. 1998. Briefs for the files. Chat 62:187–199
> <;!!OToaGQ!9bvpxs_SNmueUi14FHHAxXecTCUqzlRJvdkmFO1wleqjHA7KniWxONhP7cGuLiSREo8$ >
> (All Dates Spring 1998)
> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A first Forsyth County, NC, breeding record was
> established when a pair was at a nest with four eggs during late April
> (Ramona Snavely et. al.) They were seen to abandon the eggs, and
> surprisingly Mallards and Canada Geese were seen incubating the eggs later!
> Another first local breeding record was of a female with three young near
> Pauline, SC, May 8 (Lyle Campbell).
> LeGrand, Harry E., Jr.. 1983. Briefs for the files. Chat 47:26–32
> <;!!OToaGQ!9bvpxs_SNmueUi14FHHAxXecTCUqzlRJvdkmFO1wleqjHA7KniWxONhP7cGut-_X3u4$ >
> (All dates 1982)
> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: Perhaps the first breeding record for inland North
> Carolina was established at Beaverdam Reservoir on 12 June, when Dick Brame
> flushed a female with seven young.
> Legrand, Harry E., Jr.. 1981. Briefs for the files. Chat 45:19–24
> <;!!OToaGQ!9bvpxs_SNmueUi14FHHAxXecTCUqzlRJvdkmFO1wleqjHA7KniWxONhP7cGunWqRHO4$ >
> (All dates 1980 unless otherwise indicated)
> BLUE-WINGED TEAL: A nesting of this species was noted near Fairplay,
> Anderson County, S.C., during the summer (fide Stanlee Miller), and John
> Fussell had a nesting record (five young plus adults) at Brant Island, in
> Fort Macon State Park, N.C., in June. A male was unusual at Huntington
> Beach State Park, S.C., on 12 June (P.J. Crutchfield, Kevin Mason), and
> seven were very early at Jordan Reservoir on 2 July (Bob Lewis).
> Harry LeGrand
> Raleigh

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