Date: 5/4/20 8:46 am
From: Norman Budnitz (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: a historical look at the Jordan Lake Bird Counts--Part 1
Unfortunately, we were unable to do our annual Jordan Lake Spring Bird
Count. So, I've been busy writing blog posts for New Hope Audubon,
exploring the data we have collected for the past 40+ years. In the first
article, I have described our process and some of the history of the count,
and then I have discussed the data for a few bird species, particularly
those most closely tied to the lake. In future articles in this series
I'll look at other species, paying particular attention to those whose
numbers have increased and, more ominously, those whose numbers have

Here's the link to the first article:;!!OToaGQ!5za9Cmknq7cxCgIHmSVGDHpev2odtrAQv6ZmLpbSZT3GMkMHhEwzlTlTIrIW1UYRCg4$

Norm Budnitz
Orange County
North Carolina

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