Date: 5/2/20 4:51 pm
From: Ryan Justice (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Watauga Co. NC
Spent the day birding around Watauga Co. Nothing too special, but a good day to be outside and got some yearbirds out of the way.

-Virginia Rail and Sora at Boone Greenway
- lots of Solitary and Spotted Sp, plus a few Least Sp and a Lesser Yellowlegs
- double digit Least Flycatchers on Rich Mtn Rd
- huge numbers of BH vireo
- raven, RB Nuthatch, Veery for high elevation birds
- Vesper Sparrow on the bald at Rich Mtn Rd
- Bobolink at usual spot on Bamboo Rd
- Golden-winged Warbler N of Elk Knob SP, plus all the regular breeders like Yellow, Canada, Chestnut-sided, etc
- Scarlet Tanager and RB Grosbeak

Ryan Justice

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