Date: 4/30/20 9:03 am
From: Kevin Kubach (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Another Warbler - Greenville, SC

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my post yesterday. The
consensus was Tennessee Warbler.

Here is another one from the same outing. I only caught a glimpse of this
bird (no details) as it worked through the top of a treeline. It is listed
as "warbler sp." and the song is the main sequence heard at 0:01, 0:08,
0:16, 0:23, 0:28 and 0:44.;!!OToaGQ!4UuOIgHiKoZNd_0AltoqYpLvnmVmL9SYzo4hVG_olptD4grluEZ2ZKBAnrdZx8KHuLc$


Kevin Kubach
Greenville, SC

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