Date: 4/29/20 6:53 am
From: John Connors (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: NCSU Ag fields-MidPines
Hi All. Yesterday I visited Mid-Pines Road at NCSU Ag fields and spoke to a
staffer installing a No Parking sign at the dog leg bend in the road.
They recently had problems with birders repeatedly parking in front of the
gates accessing the farm fields- this was especially problematic last week
when people came out to look for the Upland Sandpiper. He said they are
trying to accommodate the interest of birders coming to the ag lands but
farming operations must come first.
Please be considerate and respectful of the needs of the people working the
farms, or we will risk losing access to the last great farm complex near
the heart of Raleigh. Don't park in front of, or block, tractor access to
any gated entrance. Those tractors have wide attachments behind them!
On another note, sadly, the farmers were busy harvesting the winter wheat
and I only saw one forlorn Bobolink atop a snag looking over a recently
harvested field.
John Connors
Raleigh, NC

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