Date: 4/29/20 6:34 am
From: William Warfel <bwarfel...>
Subject: Re: Warbler Identification
Thanks to Len Kopka, Ann Brice, g57462, Kevin Kubach, Steve Shultz,
Karyl Gabriel, and KG for your help with my warbler song identification.
There were four votes for Swainson's Warbler, two for Louisiana
Waterthrush, and one for Yellow-throated Warbler. My initial thought was
Yellow-throated Warbler, but after receiving this input and comparing my
recording with those of known birds, I too feel that this is Swainson's
Warbler. However, I welcome confirmation or criticism of this conclusion.;!!OToaGQ!5jBe4JxSdga6xNjq8E4DG5Dn6VGLI1PqAKnC-ecLmPOMBW-2JOcFP9FT1J_crG1v7Os$

William Warfel

Fayetteville, NC

On 4/16/2020 11:22 AM, William Warfel wrote:
> Warbler songs can be, and are usually, confusing to me.  I think my
> initial impression of this bird's identity was incorrect, as I
> expected it to be high in the treetops, but was instead low in the
> thickets along the Cape Fear River in Cumberland County. Can someone
> help me?

> William Warfel
> Fayetteville, NC
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