Date: 3/25/20 4:53 pm
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Probable Swainson's thrush in Clayton County
Today at 6:05 pm I saw what I believe was a Swainson's thrush just off
Southpoint Drive near Main St. and Rt. 19/41 in Forest Park, Clayton
County. The bird was perched on a branch at eye level and I watched it at
very close range for several minutes before it flew off. It was basically
all greyish and greyish-brown with partial but noticeable buffy eye rings,
limited area of conspicuous breast spots over a pale greyish-white belly,
and a tail which showed no signs of russet or reddish color. Details will
be submitted to ebird. Their bar chart for Georgia shows April 1 as the
beginning of spring arrival, and there is at least one early January record
in the state as well.

James Gibson
Clayton County

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