Date: 3/25/20 3:23 pm
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Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Bathroom availability PRNWR
I am disappointed at the lack of communication on the refuge's status posted by birders with direct experience at this and other refuges and birding locations. Has the birding "community" simply disappeared in terms of sharing information other than trip lists on ebird and a zillion photos on umpteen Facebook sites?
The refuge has posted on its website that the Visitor's Center (including restrooms), the Lot #1 heated restrooms, and the pit toilets on the refuge are all closed. Be aware that under normal circumstances there are very few public restrooms available near the refuge, and that most of those restrooms, including at some gas stations 10+ minutes away, are now closed to the public. If you have a large coffee on your drive to the refuge, it will give new meaning to the popular phrase "carry in, carry out."
I'll add that some birding or other clubs/groups are apparently meeting at the refuge in lot 1 and assembling in groups of as many as 50 persons (according to one refuge employee), which is far from consistent with the need for "social distancing." Such irresponsible behavior could lead to more closures, including possibly Parker River. Many state and local parks and reservations, including Crane's Beach, and at least one national park are already closed. The birding community at large appears to be one of the highly vulnerable populations for the virus.


Paul M. Roberts
Medford, MA
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> Those of you who have birded the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge may be able to answer this very practical question. Are the bathrooms open on the refuge? If not at lot #1, how about the Wardens, Hellcat, and Sandy Point?
> Joyce Spencer
> Newton

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