Date: 3/25/20 2:57 pm
From: Martin Meyers <NevadaBirdRecords...>
Subject: Update to the NBRC Annual Report for 2018
When I put the 2018 Annual Report on the NBRC website, I had not yet
received the printed copy of Western Birds Vol. 51, No. 1, 2020, in
which the report appeared.  While the entire report (which I had
received earlier from WFO as a PDF) was complete (and looks really nice
with lots of great photos!), I did not realize until I got the printed
copy that the editor had included an additional photo as the inside back
cover. It's a beautiful shot of record 2017-083, the Yellow-billed Loon 
found by Justin Streit in December 2017.  In the published account,
there is an excellent photo of this bird by Jim Switalla.  But another
great shot by Jim, with the bird in a different pose, was used as the
inside back cover photo.  I have now modified the report to include this
additional photo as the last page in the report.

As always, the report is on the NBRC website -- click "NBRC Annual
Reports" in the dropdown menu and from there you can choose to view
every annual report we have produced, dating back to the inception of
the committee in 1994. (A few years got skipped along the way, but all
eighteen reports which were produced are present on the website.)

Stay safe!


Martin Meyers
Secretary, Nevada Bird Records Committee (NBRC)
Email: NevadaBirdRecords ***AT SIGN*** gbbo *** DOT *** org

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