Date: 3/25/20 2:56 pm
From: Judy Griffith <9waterfall9...>
Subject: First of Season and Last of Season Songs
Before light Don heard the Great Horned Owl calling for the first time since February.

Along the Otter Road I heard a Louisiana Waterthrush singing, then stopped in my tracks as the delicate and ethereal notes of a Hermit Thrush floated down from the top of a sycamore where he sat flicking his wings and dipping his tail. This bird has likely been here all winter with his kin, and aside from calls, has been silent.

In the orchard a Field Sparrow poured out his beautiful love song, also the first I’ve heard this spring.

Some White-throated Sparrows linger, singing of Canada, Canada, Canada.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets sang last week and Golden-crowned the week before, but both must have moved on.

This afternoon I went to a nearby road known by few for its wildflowers. There were literally thousands of Dutchman’s Breeches, Toothworts, and great swaths of Yellow Trout Lilies blooming in the sunshine. Even the Dirca palustris were beginning to bloom alongside Spicebush in the understory.

Ninestone, Carroll County
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